How I Made Sales #4 – Looking and Feeling the Part

Does Looking and Feeling The Part Equate To Labels?

I use to think that when people say ‘look and feel the part’, there is a ‘Dress Code’ and a certain stigma associated to various trades. I always had an image that a salesperson for Banking as an example, would need to look like an investment banker.

It needed to be a certain labelled black suit, a stern attitude and a smell of cologne that lingers for hours after he/she departed from your meeting in your office.

In actual fact I think most of us had this assumption for years. The truth is that it is not about the labels and the image that comes with a sales job.

Sales can be done by anyone but the person needs to look and feel the part, but not in the stereotypical way you might think.

By this I refer to attitude and the lasting impressions created by the person. A salesperson needs to instil a feel of trust, knowledge and understanding with a client.

The only way to do this is to be confident and to find one’s inner self. I found that when I got this understanding right, I achieved a greater degree of success and people warmed up to me.

How and Why It’s Essential to Look and Feel The Part

I still believe that grooming plays a big part in the look and feel process. I can’t see myself for arguments sake going to a client in my exercise clothes. There is a time and place for everything and how you present yourself does carry weight.

Clients expect you to be professional at all times, however I sat back a few years ago trying to figure out how I can improve my sales and get people to warm up to me. I realised that I was too serious in my approach and I needed to change it, but I was totally unsure as to how to go about it.

I started feeling stressed and it showed in my sales, not to mention the effect it had on my interactions. I decided to cut back and start doing stress relief activities such as cycling. exercising and spending more time with my family.

I changed my eating habits, and followed a healthier lifestyle and soon I started seeing the results of getting some exercise.

I noticed a change in myself, all of a sudden I started feeling better, I started enjoying life again and it started to show in my professional life. I became more relaxed and more focused on the relationships with other people.

I realised that a smile and common courtesies got me further with colleagues and clients alike. My new inner self brought about a different confident person. Clients started commenting on how they never knew the other me and how they love doing business with me.

It’s not about becoming friends with your clients; it’s about finding the things you value and focusing on those items to channels your stress in a more constructive manner.

Once you re-aligned your priorities and find yourself in this competitive world, you would find that people are more inclined to do business with a people’s person. You would also find yourself automatically looking the part as well as you will naturally find your sweet spot with your products.


The Benefits to You And Your Clients

The benefits to you are endless as you would feel, look great and be great. This is not a process of changing you into a fashion icon, but rather someone that is able to master him/herself and become more productive as a result thereof.

I found myself to be a calm individual and took to my sales part as a pro as I valued it differently. I did not just value my sales part as a job or a function but as a way and means to add value to people and their lives.

I found myself to be a more balanced person that didn’t get stressed out as quickly as I used to. My family felt more at ease around me and our abilities communicate more freely became easier.

My sales went wild and for the first time ever I achieved more than what I set out to. I was achieving more with less time invested and this allowed me to focus on other things, like my personal development.

The Conclusion

I discovered that it is all about who you are at the end of the day and not the formulated personality that you think society wants. Unleash your inner self and find that inner-peace to be a better salesperson.

You will find that just exercise alone would make a great deal of difference in your stress and tolerance levels. While eating healthy contributes to better health. Break away and spend time doing things you love with your family and even squeeze in some alone time.

All of these items above have moulded me into a better more driven person and I wish that my lessons help do that for anyone out there struggling with the same I did. Be the best you are in every way, because it could be the catalyst to achieve Happy Sales.